• GOLD or PLATINUM service

    The computer system of your company is certainly essential, maybe even your main working tool. At any time, it is important that you and your employees can rely on professionals able to solve any failure, guide you through the use of your machines and equipment maintenance for ultimate performance, or simply answer your requests for technical order. FLB is there. Infallible. Our different skills allow us to manage your entire computer system: servers, workstations, networks, messaging, telephony, mobile and Internet services. Anything goes.

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  • Global solutions

    Internationally, the contacts are multiplying easier. Telecommuting, contracts abroad, travel outside or to your customers should be efficient and profitable. By mastering this new development and maintaining strong management practices, your company is in a win-win situation!

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Condensé de nos services


We know that each SME has specific needs of IT solutions that are different from those of a large company and that each business area has its own issues, so we adapt our IT solutions offers and services to the activity and budget of your company.

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Whether it audit, project, purchase, installation, maintenance and innovation; everything goes. With FLB, the main advantage for your business is, you will buy the necessary equipment that you really need. No loss, no surplus! With this advantage, you keep your equipment in their best performance.

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We will prove our efficiency

Without any purchase obligation, our consultants will directly come to you to understand your operation and management system. Then they will be able to assess your technology needs. After these observations, we will determine solutions with you for IT development that will be beneficial and profitable.

There is no difficult task for us

Increase your productivity & have mastered your growth! Obviously, if you think you have more specific needs—should you need a deep analysis of your network and computer equipment or outreach of so-called complex problems—we suggest you contact FLB right now.

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The best suited solutions to your business, your management and your budget; adjusted and monitored by professionals. The success of your business will inevitably be guaranteed.

FLB, a driving force of your business

By contacting FLB, you will benefit from sound advice to manage a large number of data. Do you want to organize projects, follow them naturally and easily? FLB is the answer. Take advantage of our ingenious ideas and generate innovative concepts through software offered by our team.